Book Review: Flyover Nation


January 20, 2017

One of my many goals this year is to read 26 books. One every 2 weeks. I finished Flyover Nation by Dana Loesch this morning.

The book discusses one America, inhabited by two different nations. The people of Flyover Nation, and Coastals.

In the book Loesch illustrates that there is more than geography separating the two nations, they are from entirely different cultures.

She shows her disdain for corruption in Washington and in the mainstream media with a ferociousness that has even the most ardent First Amendment supporters thinking “Oh my!”

Like in her radio show, Loesch pulls no punches. A true native of Flyover, she tells it like it is. Today the people of Flyover are dismissed and labeled as racist backwood rednecks. Sit down for a meal with Flyover folk and you will know it’s not true. They’re happy to have you.

Flyover Nation argues you will have a bigger spiritual experience sitting on the porch sipping moonshine for a night than a lifetime of herbal teas, yoga classes and reading pseudo-psychology could ever give you.


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